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Our Board & Management

Proven opportunity generating team with a record of delivering exploration and development success.

Highly Experienced in Corporate Finance, Investment Banking & Corporate Management. 

Mr. Jackson is currently Non-executive Chairman of Sarama Resources Limited, Non-executive Chairman of Predictive Discovery and Non-executive Director of Resolute Mining.

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Mining Engineer with a unique blend of experience in mining and finance and is passionate about mining green.


Mr. Williamson is the founder and currently the Managing Director of Blackstone Minerals Limited.

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Geologist with extensive background in gold and nickel exploration with a track record of discovery and corporate development.

Recent roles included Senior Geologist at Bellevue Gold Ltd (ASX.BGL) where he was involved in the discoveries of Tribune, Viago & Deacon, that have defined +3Moz.

He was also a part of the team that defined the Nova-Bollinger high grade Nickel deposit which is now owned and operated by IGO Ltd (ASX.IGO).

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Experienced executive with an extensive background in corporate advisory, including ASX IPO’s and management of publicly listed companies.

Currently the Company Secretary for Perpetual Resources (ASX.PEC) & previously was the Executive Director of Midas Minerals, (ASX.MM1), CFO & Company Secretary for Auteco Minerals (ASX.AUT) and Financial Controller at Bellevue Gold Ltd (ASX.BGL).

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Canadian based exploration geologist with a strong focus on nickel sulphide deposits in Canada.

Mr. Oosterman began his career with Falconbridge and Inco (now Vale) and has been in mining and exploration for over 20 years. At Inco he was part of the exploration team that drilled the T-3 underground nickel deposit at Thompson. His more recent roles include VP of Exploration at Flying Nickel (TSX.FLYN).

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